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When we introduced Ashlea and Jordan earlier this year, we told you our core values aren't things we teach or train on, they're just a part of who we are. We invest a lot of time and energy into the hiring and on-boarding process because we firmly believe in investing in the right people. A question we're often asked is why we keep new team members secret for a few months, and the answer is actually simple! Because each role is forward-facing, we love giving new team members the opportunity to focus solely on getting to know the team and understanding his/her new role first! It also makes introduction days even more exciting!

Meet Julie, our new Marketing Director! Julie's been on our team for the past few months, and she's already been an invaluable resource to each of us! We often say, "You can’t do it all and do it well, but you can choose to cultivate what matters," and the same applies to the work we do every single day! Julie has been instrumental in leading our team to focus on the most important thing–the goals we set as a team to help women uncover what matters most–and say no to rest. She has a love for numbers, data-crunching, and spreadsheets, and she's integrating everything we do back to our core values and our mission. Why? We have good ideas sometimes, but we also know saying no to one thing gives us the opportunity to say yes to something better, preserving our time, energy and resources for the best thing, not just the next thing.

Keep reading to get to know Julie. We're lucky to have her serving our team and this community alongside us each and every day!


What's your title? Marketing Director

What have you been doing since June? Where do I even begin to answer this question? So much has happened in these short three months! The team has been so generous with their time and training and equipping me for success. I am learning, learning and learning some more. I've spent lots of time looking at the history of the company (sales trends, data, etc.) to help make the best decisions for the future—everything from sales projections to content direction, brainstorming new products to planning exclusive sales and promotions and everything in between. I'm always thinking about you—our Cultivators—and how we can better equip you to grow good things. On a more personal note, I've also enjoyed using each of our products intentionally, and I'm loving how they're helping me make what matters most happen in my life. Long story short: I'm having a lot of fun and rejoicing in the opportunity to live a more intentional life alongside our team and our community!

What else will you be doing in the coming months? This question makes my heart beat faster with excitement! Let's just say, our mighty team has a lot of exciting things in store for you this year, including this exclusive opportunity to wear a pep talk every day (now through September 10th)! We're currently working with lots of heart and diligence to launch our 2019 PowerSheets Collection on October 24th. And, since we really love to delight our Cultivators, we're also launching a brand new product later in the year that we cannot wait to get in your hands!

Tell us how you joined the team in a few sentences: This story is my favorite! A sweet friend, Stacy, from my hometown of Amarillo, Texas and I had recently reconnected in the city we were currently both living in. Long story short, this friend's little sister (Cindy, who is a big fan of Cultivate!) sent her a link the Marketing Director job description with hopes her sister would bite. Since Stacy had no plans to uproot her life in Texas, she passed the link along to me knowing that I was moving to Chapel Hill the following month. And the rest, well, is history! I felt the hand of the Lord throughout the whole interview process, and boy am I grateful to be part of Cultivate.


The three J's in our Cultivate Content Pod :)

Hometown and where you live now: I'm from the friendly town of Amarillo, Texas, and I currently reside in Durham, NC with my husband, Jack, our one-year-old, and our two goldendoodles. A fun fact: my parents both grew up near Charlotte, NC and met at UNC-Chapel Hill, so I don't feel that out of place here.

Birthday: April 20

Something others might not know about Julie: I rented a baby lamb for my bridal portraits.

Favorite part about being on the team: Our team is perpetually focused on helping women live more intentional lives. The best part? We're in the thick of it right there with you, living it out. There's something so special about connecting with each of you and helping you navigate the meaningful. It's an honor and joy.

What's your favorite Cultivate Shop product? It's a tie–I don't think I could ever choose between PowerSheets and our Write the Word Journals! I also have a Write the Word Kids on Jack's bookshelf... now to just teach his one-year-old self how to read and color.

Friends, please help us give Julie a big CWM welcome in the comments below! You can also say hi and get to know her on Instagram!

Photos by Traci Huffman.

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