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This month has been extra special for our team because we were able to hug so many of our dear friends—our PowerSheets shoot ladies, the lovely vendors who made the shoot happen, and of course, a few of our remote team members—Amber, Jess, and Kristin. With a lot of enthusiasm leading into September, we’re sharing what has helped us to manage the season ahead, make progress on our team PowerSheets goals and simply, have a little fun this month. 

  • One of my August PowerSheets goals was to put more energy into long term saving. A few years ago, I put $20 into an Acorns account, and I checked back recently to find it had grown by nearly 12%! Since checking, I’ve been contributing to my account by adding an automated amount of my paycheck each month. By signing up with my referral link you will get a free $5 to start investing! If you have kids, this can be a great way for them to see how an allowance can grow over time by investing!
  • Lara’s been reading What’s Best Next by Matt Perman, and I might have to head over to the library and add it to my September reading list! Each morning, our team meets for a few minutes to discuss our top priorities, and with a busy season ahead, I am looking forward to seeing how this book challenges me to think differently about what “needs” to get done first.
  • A Netflix original, The Crown,  has been one of my all time favorites for a while now. After getting together for a team dinner after the PowerSheets shoot, it’s now on Amber’s list too! Historical and entertaining, this show is a winner in our book! Be on the lookout for Season 2 coming this December. There’s plenty of time to plan a marathon night with friends!
  • Using our Write the Word journals to write letters to my future husband in the “On My Heart” section has consistently been one of my weekly PowerSheets goals! If you’re looking for more ways to write the Word, check out this post!
  • School is back in session for many, and Marissa’s little one, Emerson, went off to Pre-K this month with the cutest personalized water bottle.
  • Our friend Val at Val Marie Paper released her 2018 Prayer Journals this month in three brand new colors. If cultivating a stronger prayer life is on your 2018 PowerSheets goals, I would definitely recommend snagging one now!
  • It has been one of our goals each week to make one thing better in our daily workflow. In order to ensure that she is focusing on the right priorities, Nicole has been using Toggl to track the time she spends on projects!

We’d love to see what you’ve been loving this past month, too—share with us by leaving a note in the comments!

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