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"We're a small office of women who want products that help us make what matters happen. So, we made them."

We believe in cultivating what matters, right where you are. We believe in choosing purpose over perfect. Our products are designed to help women make what matters most to them happen, whether that be faith, family, community or a heart-filled business. At the heart of our business are our families, faith, and a strong connection to our community. We're grateful to the many friends who encourage us to spread and love and encouragement all around, and who support our small business by sharing in our mission. Follow us on Instagram @CultivateWhatMatters to be a part of the community that makes what matters most happen.

Lara Casey


Lara is a believer in the impossible and loves helping women make what matters happen. On Instagram: @LaraCasey


Customer Delight Manager

Jess is our manager of all things gift-y and delightful! She's a lover of exclamation points, and could eat Chipotle for every meal.

Nicole Yang

Art Director

Nicole is our resident pug-lover and science nerd. Fun fact: she loves putting together Ikea furniture.


Marketing Director

Amber is our guru of numbers and marketing endeavors. She loves dahlias, zinnias and almost any shade of pink.



Grace is our littlest shop helper. She loves kitties, cheese, and advising on future sticker book content!

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We love when Nashville-based Amber is in the office to help film product videos!
We take all of our own product photography (sometimes on the fly in Lara's living room!).
Jess packs up some special orders and sends them out with love.
We celebrated our 2017 PowerSheets launch with donuts, balloons, and tons of conversations with you!
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