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What are PowerSheets®?

PowerSheets are the ultimate intentional goal planner! They were designed to help you uncover the things that are most important to you and create POWERFUL goals that are meaningful and action-driven. Traditional goal setting hasn’t worked for us, so we created a goal planner that focuses on what matters most. With PowerSheets, big ideas have come to life, new ideas have changed lives, fear has been let go, businesses have been started, marriages have been strengthened, and best of all: the little moments that matter have been savored. PowerSheets enable you to start living on purpose.

What's the difference between the Dated and Undated Workbooks?

Both workbooks include the same goal uncovering and action plan process, two full pages of stickers, a word of the year card, and a goal refresh every three months. The 2017 Dated PowerSheets Workbooks are sold out.

The Six-Month Undated Workbooks were created for people who begin goal setting after the new year, or are finishing out a previous PowerSheets set at a different time. Undated PowerSheets do not have pre-labeled months on each tab or worksheet and include six months of goal planning. There are three cover color options for the Six-Month Undated Workbooks: White, Pink and Teal.

Which set is best for me if I'm new to PowerSheets?

The Six-Month Workbook is the best choice for those who desire encouragement and accountability to make 2017 the best year yet!

What if I live in the Southern hemisphere?

Hello to our international friends! If you live in the Southern hemisphere, the Undated PowerSheets may be the best option for you. Since it’s undated, you won’t find seasonal references that may not apply to your location, and you’ll be able to label each tab based on the month you’re in!

If you’d prefer the bonus season content that comes with the Dated PowerSheets, please feel free to order it and use it in a way that best suits your lifestyle. You might choose to complete the seasonal activities regardless of it matching your hemisphere’s season (we think they’re relevant and helpful no matter where you live!). Or you might choose to skip to the season that matches yours.

Do I need the Monthly Tab Stickers?

We love our Monthly Tab Stickers! Though they’re not absolutely necessary (each Undated PowerSheets workbook comes with a monthly write-in space on each tab), we love them because they help keep our PowerSheets tabs looking printer-fresh. That dose of gold foil doesn’t hurt, either! If you choose not to add on the Tab Stickers, embrace imperfection and your own beautiful handwriting! We’d suggest using a permanent marker or pen to write in each month.

Our Monthly Tab Stickers are compatible with our Dated PowerSheets workbook, but you won’t need them! We’ve gone ahead and printed the names of each month on the tabs in these for you.

When will they ship? Will other items from my order ship before PowerSheets?

PowerSheets Six-Month Undated Workbooks are shipping now. Keep an eye on your inbox—we send out shipping confirmation emails and tracking numbers as soon as your order leaves the fulfillment warehouse!

Is there a calendar in the PowerSheets?

We have intentionally left a calendar out of the PowerSheets! We find that calendars tend to get filled up with busyness—to dos and appointments that may be necessary, but are not rooted in what matters most. The goal of PowerSheets is to simplify your life, so instead, we created a monthly Tending List. We still love calendars and planners for managing daily tasks—in fact, there are times in the PowerSheets when you might be prompted to add something to them! On our team, we’re partial to Emily Ley’s Simplified Planners.

Why is international shipping so expensive?

If we ever wished we had access to a private airplane, it would be to deliver goodies to all of our international friends! We ship all of our products through USPS, UPS, and FedEx, and are subject to their international shipping prices. We have done everything in our control to get shipping costs down, including reducing the product size and weight, and efficiently packaging products so they arrive pristine, but without extra bulk.

What else do I get with my PowerSheets Workbook?

In addition to months of simple goal setting, you’ll get access to, where we share plenty of PowerSheets examples, PowerSheets journeys from other users in all seasons of life, coaching videos, free downloads, and encouragement from a community of people who want to make what matters happen! You’ll also be able to join an online or local PowerSheets groups, share your goals for accountability, and be the first to know about new e-guides and resources.

How do I gift PowerSheets to a friend?

Gifting PowerSheets to a friend is easy, and we think they make a thoughtful gift! Add PowerSheets and any accessories to your cart, and upon checkout, check “This is a gift” and add a gift message. Enter the recipient’s shipping information and press “confirm!” Your gift note will be printed on the packing list, and will not display order prices. 

Looking for some extra ways to jazz up your gift? You can download our printable wrapping paper and a printable note card! You’ll also find these links in your order confirmation email.

Do I need to have read the Make It Happen book in order to get the most out of PowerSheets?

While many of our customers have enjoyed using the book as a companion to PowerSheets, you do not need to have read the Make It Happen book in order to understand or get the most out of PowerSheets. The Make It Happen book does cover intentional goal setting processes and topics from a faith perspective, with some extra context and activities. We’d recommend reading it if you’re looking for extra encouragement, or including it with your gift of PowerSheets to a friend!

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